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Blackwell Auctions terms:


* All items sold "AS IS, WHERE IS" with all faults.

* All descriptions believed accurate but not warranteed. The absence of a condition report does NOT imply that an object(s) is free of defects, wear or restoration. 

* Bidder inspection is encouraged.

* By placing a bid, bidder signifies that they have examined the items to their satisfaction, or that they have chosen not to personally examine them.

* We run multiple online bidding venues and also have phone bidders and absentee bidders. There is no guarantee that your online bid will be accepted, especially if your bid is tied with bids on another venue. When you are looking at where the bidding currently stands on an item you’re bidding on, please be aware that bidding is also happening on several other sites, and the sites do not communicate with each other. Please confirm that the maximum bid you input on an online venue is actually possible. For example, if you bid $750 on an item and then set your maximum bid as $1,000, the system can only bid $750, $850, and $950 for you. You would need to set a maximum of $1050 in order to beat a bid of $1,000. The system will not allow you to bid against yourself.  The bidding venue you use will automatically advance your absentee bids, and does give preference to bids left earlier than others, but when the auction is live and our clerks are covering each venue, we have no way of knowing what bids were placed first. We do our best to rotate winning tie bids throughout our online venues. If you are concerned about losing a bid due to a tie, please do not leave it to an absentee bid, and consider registering to be a phone bidder with us. Notifications you may receive from bidding venues during or after the auction should NOT be considered as proof of won lots. All bids must be downloaded and verified against live clerking results the first business day after the auction. If you are the winning bidder, you will be emailed an invoice within a few business days after the auction. 

* We reserve the right to reject any bid at our sole discretion.

*Our in-house buyer premium is 17% and applies to bids placed in person, absentee, by phone.

Starting 3/1/24, our online buyer premium is 20% on this app/website, HiBid and BidSquare, 22% on Live Auctioneers and Invaluable/AuctionZip.  

*Absentee and phone bids are accepted for bidders who pre-register with us directly and provide payment information. The absentee bid form available on our website must be submitted by 5 PM the day prior to auction day. The minimum for phone bids is $100 or the starting bid, whichever is greater. We will collect your credit card information over the phone once we have received the form -- we do not ask you to provide that information on the form itself. 

* The Florida Department of Revenue does not accept out of state resale certificates. If the buyer takes delivery of the item in Florida, either in person or via mail, and does not have a valid FL resale certificate, applicable sales tax of 7% must be collected. Out of state dealers may produce a signed affidavit certifying that items are for resale, and then sales tax can be removed. 

* If the bidder and Blackwell Auctions mutually agree once an item is received that it was not accurately described, returns may be authorized and the hammer price and buyer premium will be refunded. 

*Please note: Ivory lots are carved from antique, pre-ban African elephant ivory. They can be shipped only where allowed by law, and it is the bidder’s responsibility to know their local laws. 


* Invoices over $2,000 for USA buyers will require payment via cashiers check, bank wire transfer, or ACH debit directly into our account. All international transactions over $500 must be completed via bank wire transfer.

*Online bidders will be invoiced the week after the auction directly via email with payment instructions. If you are local, please wait until you receive your invoice before coming to the gallery – it takes us most of the first post-auction business day to download the winning bidders and prepare invoices, and then we send local invoices first.  If you have not received an invoice from us via email within 3 business days after the auction, please check your spam folder for info@blackwellauctions.com.  Payment is expected within 7 days of the invoice being received. We do not have access to your payment info on some online venues - we invoice directly. If a wire transfer is necessary, payment is expected within 7 days of invoicing, after which time an unpaid item dispute will be opened. Items will no longer be available one week after a dispute is opened. 

*Personal checks are accepted -- shipping will be held until the check clears.

*Partial payment (deposit/layaway) arrangements may be allowable on a very limited case-by-case basis, which must be requested PRIOR to auction day. In any case, however, items not paid for in full (including buyer premium, taxes and shipping, if applicable) within 30 days of auction's close will be considered abandoned. Any deposits collected will be forfeit. 

Shipping: Each auction item notes in its catalog description whether it can be shipped in-house or will require 3rd party shipping by your own arrangements. 

*For many small items, we provide in-house packing and shipping via UPS and USPS that is done with excellence and is competitively priced. We are using new shipping software that better allows us to provide you with real-time updates and tracking. Once your initial invoice is paid, our shipping department will prepare your package and send you an invoice for shipping costs. Your invoice will indicate if we’re able to ship your item, and you are also welcome to contact local third-party shippers or make your own arrangements for pickup or shipping. Items that can be shipped in-house are noted in the catalog. Please see the Terms page on our website for more information on shipping carriers’ insurance policies. 

*Some items must be shipped by your own arrangements — you will need to contact vendors directly for quotes and to make arrangements, and you will pay them directly. Items that require 3rd party shipping by your own arrangements are noted in the catalog. As a courtesy, we provide a resource list for you, below. 

*Purchases left at the gallery 30 days after the auction will be considered abandoned and will become the property of Blackwell Auctions, with no refund given.

As a courtesy, we provide this resource list for you when making your own shipping arrangements, but you may use any vendor you wish. Your transaction with any 3rd party shipper is entirely between you and the shipper. We are not responsible for fees, handling, timeline, insurance, damage claims or any other part of the transaction with the shipper you choose. Once your items are removed from our gallery, your transaction with us is complete. 

o   UPS store 6886: Auction@store6886.com phone:(727)513-2400

o   UPS store 4567: store4567@theupsstore.com    phone: (727)725-9985 option #9 to speak directly with an associate.

o   ORBIT PROFESSIONAL PACKING CRATING (888) 247-8540 or 727-507-7447 lg@orbitppc.com  www.orbitppc.com (U.S. & International)

o   CRATERS & FREIGHTERS (813) 889-9008 ( 877) 448-7447 Fax (813) 884-8393 Tampa@cratersandfreighters.com  www.cratersandfreighters.com (U.S. & International)

o   We’ve had several buyers be pleased with this service -- https://www.uship.com/


Blackwell Auctions observes all Federal, state and local gun laws. Only the registered bidder may pay for and pick up firearm(s) after the mandatory three-day waiting period (excluding weekends and legal holidays), if applicable. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, PURCHASE A FIREARM FOR ANOTHER PERSON. Blackwell Auctions may, at its discretion, refuse a bid for any reason.

For local pickups, Blackwell Auctions charges a $20 processing fee. Firearm sales to Florida residents (with the exception of muzzleloaders or antique arms manufactured before 1898) will be subject to and must pass the FDLE Background Check. The purchaser will be required to fill out ATF Form 4473 and provide a valid government-issued photo identification. If you are NOT a Florida resident, you may not take direct, in-person possession of a firearm.

If you are not local, your firearm must be shipped to the holder of a Federal Firearms License (FFL). We hold an FFL and will ship to the FFL of your choice. Some firearms may  also be shipped to the holder of a C&R (Curios & Relics) - please inquire. Muzzleloaders or antique arms manufactured before 1898 do not require any licenses and may be shipped directly to you. Due to recent carrier restrictions, no ammunition or  firearms, regardless of age, can be shipped outside the USA.

Do not bid on a firearm if -- by judgment or disability -- you may not legally possess a firearm. Any attempt to circumvent Federal, state or local laws governing firearm sales will be reported to local law enforcement and to the ATF field office.

You must be 21  years old to purchase firearms and ammunition. You are responsible for knowing if your state bars a certain type of firearm/ammo/accessory from being shipped to you. Know your laws BEFORE bidding.